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Funny Kid Stories

Children say and do the funniest things sometimes! This is our showcase of those times. Sent to us from people just like you, these stories are sure to bring a chuckle out of all of us! The days get so hectic and hurried that it is nice to sit down, relax and read a heart warming tale that brings a smile to our face.

My son was around 3 years old. He was being taken care of by his Grandfather one day. Grandpa was outside working in the yard and had just dug a ditch. My son was very much into super heroes and often wore the pajamas that resembled super hero costumes all day long. This day however he didn't have the complete ensemble. He was being superman today and decided to "fly" over the ditch. As it happened he fell into the shallow ditch. When Grandpa lifted him out he exclaimed " I would have made it if I'd had my cape!" We still tease him about it to this day. And his Grandfather treasures this memory.

I am a preschool teacher and our kids were eating breakfast one morning and discussing where they were born. One little boy said I was born at Sacred Heart......a little girl sitting next to him, said "I was born at Sacred Heart too". The little boy turned to her, very concerned and said"Really? I didn't see you there."

At one time, our house was on the market...we were trying to sell. In preparation for a sale, and ultimately a move, we began looking at other homes for sale. One fine fall day, we had arrived at our old federal styled colonial on a narrow back road. We had arrived before the real estate agents and proceeded to get ourselves and our 3 children out of the car. Within short order, our agent arrived, and while waiting for the second, our girls, then 8 and 6, played in the front yard of this house. They frolicked merrily in the newly fallen leaves. Unbeknownst to us, our daughter, jocelyn, then 6, had found a packet of flower seeds on the ground. With much curiosity, she brought them to our agent and proceeded to ask, "what are these". Chris told her it was a packet of zinnia seeds. In her excitement, she ran to us and yelled, "mommy! daddy! look what i found! they're IDIOT seeds!!! Needless to say, neither one of us can look at zinnias without a gigle and a smile!!

My daughter, Kassi, who was 4, was visiting Grandma. She came running in the house after being called for dinner and Grandma asked her how her playing with new friends in the neighborhood was going?
Kassi, who normally wasn't much of a talker, very excitedly, but slowly, began a long process of explaining all the games she was learning and playing.
Although Grandma was very patient in listening to her explanation, dinner was getting cold and Grandma thought to urge her to quicken the 'story', so she jokingly and lovingly said, "Well, sweetie, spit it out now". Whereupon Kassi, looking strangely at her for awhile, finally said quietly and gently, "ptew" and then sat down to eat.
Linda Hill

Grandma in the belly? In an effort to familiarize my 3-year old son, Montana, on his extended family, I pulled out the photo albums one evening. One of the albums was started on the day I found out I was pregnant. I took various photos to show the progression of my pregnancy. In one particular photo, I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant. I posed bare midriff with my dad, who has a typical mid-life "beer belly" as a comparison photo. I pointed to my extended belly and said "That's Montana in momma's belly" To which my son pointed to my father's belly and said "Is grandma in grandpa's belly?" Regards, Kim M. Robinson

Line Leader
One day my 4 year old daughter Karlyn asked me if she was in my tummy when she was a baby. I told her yes, she then asked my if her brother Wyatt (who was then 3) was in my tummy too. I said yes he was. Then she said "WELL I WAS LINE LEADER.

When my youngest daughter, Alicyn was about 3 1/2 years old, she had a terrible fear of spiders. California is full of spiders. You knock them down today, they are back tomorrow. Everytime she went to the "potty" she would scream for me to come in with her if she saw a spider, even in the furthest corner of the room. I would assure her that the spider was more afraid of her than she was of it. I would tell her to pretend the spider wasn't there and that it wasn't even thinking about her. One evening, Alicyn was in the bathroom. She yelled for me to come and she yelled loudly. I asked her what she wanted. She yelled back, "Mom, there's a spider in here and he is thinking about me".
Submitted by Cindy Scott

Hello this is my 2 year old funny story He thought he was being smart, but let me know what you think: He was poty training, but didn't want to go in the potty. Then one day he came to me saying he had done poo-poo in the poty. So i went to take a look to see if it was true, and it turned out it was. So i started claping my hands and dancing around the poty to show him how happy i was and how proud i was of him. But the only problem a few minutes latter i notice he had no diaper on. I went and ask him where it was, and obviously his response was i don't no. I started looking around for it but couldn't find it. Then out of no where i look between his toy box and the wall there it was, he had made poo-poo in the diaper, and put it in his poty for me to think he had done it there, then he rolled it up and hid it between the toy box and the wall so i wouldn't see. Quite smart and funny for a 2 year old don't you think.

My children were done doing their crafts and went to wash their hands when my one child said to Kathy, the craft lady.... "Kathy, when I am washing my hands and the water goes down the drain, does it come out of that fountain?" Kathy smiled and said, "No honey , that is just a decoration where the water comes out". Kathy has one of those soothing decorative fountains in the Kids Club area and my son, who is 4 soon to be 5 thought , when the water went down the sink drain it came out the fountain. Both Kathy and myself laughed and thought it was the funniest thing. Kathy is a very caring and loving person. She is excellent with kids and has the patients to work with them. She never cuts them short and always takes time slowly to help them with their projects. I have been going to Kids Club for some time now and will keep going until my children decide they don't want to go anymore.
Submitted by: Lisa